Popular teen accessories store Claire’s have issued a recall on one of their best-selling products.

It is feared that the Snap Bracelets (styled like the ones you used to get in the 90’s), which have become fashionable again with kids, could cause lacerations to a child’s wrists.

The bracelets are made with steel which is then covered in fabric or plastic, which children ‘snap’ against their arm in order to get them to secure around their wrists.

The affected bracelets reportedly don’t feature protective covers shielding the child’s wrist from the metal inside.

The recall has been issued because if a child were to snap one of the faulty bracelets against their arms, they may cause children to experience deep cuts.


The bracelets affected are similar in style to the ones above, but have different designs.

The recalled snap bands which could be potentially hazardous were sold between March and July 2018 and feature these codes:

  • 13894
  • 13865
  • 13922
  • 13895
  • 13862
  • 13877

Claire’s are urging customers who have affected bands to refrain from using them immediately and return to your local Claire’s shop for a full refund.

No other bracelets or snap bands by the brand are thought to be affected.