We all want to keep our little ones safe online, whilst still being able to share cute snapshots of them with friends and family. Be mindful of the hashtags you post in the captions of images, to keep your pictures out of the hands of predators.

It’s normal to want to share pictures of your kids on social media, and using hashtags can help more of your friends see the posts. Whether it’s their first tooth, first steps, or first day of school, it’s nice to document these important moments in both yours and your little one’s life. However, using some hashtags can mean your pictures get into the wrong hands. To stay safe online, and prevent pictures of your children being shared with dangerous people, there are some precautions to be taken.

Here are two hashtags you should never use when sharing pictures of your children on social media:

1. #BathTime

We all know pictures of toddlers in the tub can be cute, but to stay safe, it’s best if they’re not shared online. Using #BathTime can make it easy for pedophiles to access your pictures.

2. #PottyTraining

Chairman of the Child Rescue Coalition, David Angelo, told the Daily Mail: “While parents are naively posting intimate photos and details about their kids on social media, they have no idea how easily these images can be screenshot and downloaded by predators and sex offenders, who can manipulate, misuse and repost them on other sites.”

So, when you’re posting super-cute pictures of your little ones, make sure the hashtags you’re using are keeping the snapshots safe!