There’s been a new addition to the royal household this week! In the midst of a new royal baby being born, we wondered how Charlotte and George are adapting to having a new baby sibling. So, we asked you lot how YOU introduced your baby to their brothers and sisters!

It’s called the ‘juggle struggle’ for a reason, but here are a few handy ideas of how to introduce your little ones to a new baby sibling.

1. Bring them along to midwives appointments

Depending on the age of your child, they could find your midwife appointments really interesting! Not only does this help the child understand that, yep, you do really have a baby growing in your tummy, but open their eyes to the development of the baby and help form an early bond. It really helps a little one feel involved with the pregnancy.

2. Give your kids gifts from “the baby”

Now, you really don’t have to go overboard with this, but small token gifts from “the baby” might really help your child come around to the idea of a new baby sibling. Whether it’s a little toy, or a cute keepsake, everyone loves receiving presents! Giving your little one a gift from “the baby” encourages your child to understand that they’re about to have a new buddy by their side.

3. Let them be the first visitor after the birth

No matter how small you are, you understand how special those days after birth are! This is a prime opportunity for some key bonding time, and would even make for a beautiful photo opportunity. You’re going to make such amazing memories!

4. Use Skype/FaceTime

Perhaps it’s just not appropriate for your child to come to the hospital when you’re in labour or have just given birth. This is when the beauty of social media really comes into play! You can use Skype or FaceTime to connect with your child and keep them in the loop. This can be a really confusing time for little ones, and seeing your face will comfort them.

5. Let your child reveal the baby’s gender

A lovely way to encourage your little one to feel involved with your pregnancy is to give them the all-important job of revealing whether they’re going to have a new brother or sister. Cathy Spours told us: “We took daughter number one to our 20 week scan. She found out first what we were having and then told us she was having “a sister baby””. How cute is that?!

If you’re about to enter the ‘juggle struggle’, good luck! There’s nothing more precious than seeing your children interact with a new baby sibling, and so many precious memories are just on the horizon.